Gisteo creates one-of-a-kind marketing videos built to engage, entice & convert.

  • Supercharge your value proposition
  • Cut through the clutter & stand out from your competitors
  • Turn confusing blah-blah into aha! moments
  • Connect with their heart not just their head
  • Make it rain with higher conversion rates
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Starring the most fascinating little pitchman in the world

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Now then…a bit more about Gisteo

Situation: you need to clearly, concisely communicate your value proposition in an attention-challenged world where your competitors are just a click away. You know that video is the perfect medium to better engage your audience and pitch your offering in a way that sticks.

Challenge: searching for the right company is intimidating and confusing. On one end of the spectrum, you’ve got the “gurus” spewing psychobabble, offering mystical methodologies and charging obscenely high prices…while, on the other end, you’ve got oodles of grammar-challenged low-ballers cooking up McSplainers (or worse) at prices that seem too good to be true. What to do?

Solution: Gisteo. No unnecessary puffery, egos or shenanigans here. Just powerful ideas, witty writing and expert animation chops…all wrapped in fast, friendly service. We’re not the priciest. We’re not the cheapest. We’re “just right” as Goldilocks would say.


A quick “hello” from the Founder & Creative Director

Gist + Video = Gisteo

noun [jist]
The central meaning or theme; the main idea. The choicest or most essential part of a concept.
noun [jist-ee-oh]
1. A glorious animated marketing video that communicates the gist of your company, product, service or idea.
2. The name of the friendly, creative company that produces gisteos.
  • Gisteos Created

    Gisteos Created

  • Gisteos Created


  • Gisteos Created


  • Gisteos Created

    Coffees Consumed

  • Gisteos Created


A little taste of recent work

 Good gisteos are like snowflakes- no two are exactly alike. Unlike snowflakes, however, these things don’t melt unless you were to place your laptop or device in a microwave (not recommended). We customize every project to the unique needs and preferences of our clients, while also carefully considering how and where they plan on using their gisteo (review 15 common ways to use a gisteoRegardless of the exact style, the common thread in all of our work is that we present what you do in a way that’s music to the ears and candy to the eyes. To view more work, be sure to check out Our Portfolio section on this site and as well as this curated collection of All-Time Favorite Gisteos.

Cartoon style

Screenshot 2015-03-11 10.22.35

Traveler’s Tongue

Traveler’s Tongue™ foreign language cards and apps provide the most essential words and phrases for travelers to non-English speaking countries. These words and phrases help make your stay more rewarding. This is a fun gisteo that tells the tale of two very different travelers. Lesson: please don’t be the “Ugly American” when abroad!  

Motion graphics


FlexReceipts helps you unlock the power of a digital receipt that builds your brand, engages your customers and transforms your business with valuable analytic insights. This fresh, snappy gisteo packs plenty of information into less than two minutes. It explains both the problem and solution while showcasing some of the platform’s key functionality.

Hand’s on

Screenshot 2015-01-21 13.20.36

Child Advocacy Center

There is almost nothing as heart-wrenching as an abused or neglected child. The Child Advocacy Center does amazing work counseling, supporting and helping abused kids. You many want to grab a Kleenex before watching but this gisteo ultimately provides a very hopeful, uplifting message.

Talking character/spokesperson

Screenshot 2014-10-26 20.44.40

ArchAngel Defense System

The ArchAngel Defense System is a really cool idea. The company installs cameras in strategic locations throughout your vehicle. These cameras then stream and record live action footage 24/7. You can then view what’s going on in and around the perimeter of your car on their downloadable app. We came up with this likable angel character named “Gabe” (wink) to present the value proposition in a clear, yet entertaining way.

Kinetic typography

Screenshot 2015-01-27 08.15.28


Enabling Your Potential is a worldwide Human Resources initiative put into place for a major advertising agency network. The agency called on gisteo to produce this kinetic typography teaser that was sent out to all of the 14,000 employees to announce the new program. We do lots of cool stuff in this one, not just with the images but also with the physical properties of the words themselves and what they communicate.

Gisteo plus

Screenshot 2015-01-21 14.32.22


Interactions is the global leader in retail food sampling and demonstration events programs for leading retailers around the world, including the Shopper Marketing magazine reader-ranked number-one ROI program for Costco. This gisteo has all the “bells and whistles” with extensive 3D modeling and slick animation.

Top 5 reasons to choose Gisteo

In no particular order

1. Outstanding writing

Have you ever seen a big-budget Hollywood flick filled with special effects that absolutely sucked? Of course you have and, more often than not, it’s because the story itself is weak. Great marketing videos, just like great films, start with writing engaging scripts and nobody spins better story than Gisteo.


2. Diverse animation styles

Once you have your story, you need to bring it to life. In this regard, Gisteo isn’t a “one trick pony.” Motion graphics, whiteboard, cartoon, 3D, kinetic typography…we offer a wide array of versatile styles tailored to your unique script.


3. Value-for-money

Honestly, we can’t compete with those guys from faraway lands promising $300 videos. Nor can we beat the crowdsourcing sites filled with hungry freelance students low-balling each other to get their first gigs. What we can do is offer you fast, attentive service with no games or surprises and extensive know-how- all at a very fair, competitive price.


4. Experience

Gisteo was one of the very first companies in the animated marketing video space. To date, we’ve done over 500 productions across diverse sectors for clients on every continent. We’ve been fortunate to have worked with countless exciting start-ups as well as some of the most important brands in the world.


5. The work

We can talk until we’re blue in the face, but, ultimately, the proof is in the pudding, isn’t it? Check out the examples on our portfolio page and see for yourself the quality of work that what we’ve done. You can also review the very kinds words of praise from past clients to get a better sense of how we do things around here.

Why you need a gisteo

Fast facts

Typical website visits last less than 30 seconds; an engaging gisteo is an incredibly effective method to help people gain a deeper understanding for what your company’s products & services can offer. Gisteo explainer videos bring products, services, platforms, app or idea to life. It’s a medium that focuses the user’s attention in a way that static images or text along simply cannot.


  • Users remember 58% more by watching video vs. just reading alone.
  • A video in Google’s index is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page search results.
  • 82% of B2B marketers stated that online video marketing has had a positive impact on their business.
  • 88% of retailers surveyed reported an increase in conversions when video was added to product pages.
  • Nearly 60% of C-level executives said they would watch video previous to reading text on the same website.
  • Consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products vs. those who don’t.
  • 66% of consumers will watch a product video two or more times.
  • When a marketing or explainer video is included in an email, the click-through rate increases by 200%-300%.
  • 60% of all web traffic comes from online videos.
  • 73% of online retailers display videos on their websites.
  • After Google, Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine serving billions of views daily.

Sources: comScore,, Forbest, Internet Retailer, Forrester. Video Marketing Council, Liveclicker and Ad-Olog

These guys are all sporting gisteos

Psst: these are a few of our higher profile folks, but we LOVE our start-ups too!

Our Clients

Feelin’ the love

“We had the pleasure to work with Stephen and the Gisteo team when he helped us bring to life a story through video for Oracle Retail. They helped us tell a complex story in a clear and concise way. We are very pleased with the final product. I recommend working with Gisteo!”


Jessica Kottcamp
Director of Retail Marketing Campaigns


“Gisteo successfully captured the style, mood and emotion we were looking for to help promote our latest campaign. The flexibility, professionalism and quick work on this video is much appreciated! We are very happy with the result and hope to work with you again in the future!”


Cristina Wong
Consumer Campaigns Activation Manager