A cool way for you to make extra bucks while helping your contacts get a great explainer video

At Gisteo, we like to keep things super simple and straightforward…and our Referral Program is no exception.  The process is as easy as this: for every referral lead you submit that turns into a customer, you’ll earn a $250 commission will be paid directly to your PayPal account. No complicated terms, fancy agreements or commitment fees. Just an easy, transparent way to put your virtual Rolodex to work and earn extra cash while helping your contacts get that high-quality explainer video they need for their business anyway!

Here’s how it works: 

1. Refer a lead: email us at with the name, email or phone number of someone you know who is interested in an animated explainer video or marketing video, along with your PayPal payment information. We don’t like to spam people so please make sure that your contact is actually in the market for an explainer video or that they’re at least open to speaking with us about creating one.

2. We contact them: once your contact responds, we’ll arrange a friendly conversation with them to discuss our services.

3. Collect your dough: if they decide to move forward and hire us for a video production, we’ll immediately send you $250 via PayPal once the project commences.

Note: the $250 payment represents a one-time commission for every single customer referred. So, for example, if you refer 10 different customers to us, you will earn $250 x 10, or $2,500. You do not, however, earn multiple commissions if the same customer referred ultimately decides to do more than video with Gisteo.



Gisteo Referral Program