An excellent discount option for serious video marketers who plan on producing multiple videos

Great gisteos are like Lay’s potato chips: you can’t “eat” just one, right? Becoming a Gisteo Preferred customer gives you access to discounted pricing so you can “feast” for less.

Our Gisteo Preferred customers receive a discount of $750 off the base rate on every single project (program not applicable to K.I.S.S. Budget Pricing).  For instance, if you’re doing a “Normal” package 60-second production, instead of paying $3,500 for this, you’ll pay just $2,750 with the Gisteo Preferred plan.

The discounted rate will apply to your very first production and every subsequent production after that, during a 12-month period that begins the day you join. Becoming a Gisteo Preferred customer more than pays for itself after two productions and is a great solution for companies who plan to do multiple productions over a period of a year. Note: the one-time fee to become a Gisteo Preferred customer is non-refundable once work commences.


ONE-TIME FEE: $999 Then receive a $750 discount on every project
  • More than pays for itself with just two productions. Big-time savings kick in on subsequent productions.
  • Great option if you definitely plan on doing two or more videos during a 12-month period
  • $750 discount off the base rate on every single project
  • Starts immediately after you pay your one-time fee of $999
  • Discount plan good for a 12-month period