If you’re looking to create a 60 second explainer video, Gisteo is your one-stop resource. Over the years, we’ve created hundreds of short, effective 60 second explainer videos that get to the gist (gist + video, get it?) of what your offering or organization is all about. While 90 seconds is still the most common video length that we produce, 60 seconds also popular.  Let’s take a closer look at what a 60 second explainer video can help you accomplish as well as some keys to creating effective 60 second explainer videos.


60 Second Explainer Videos


60 second explainer videos are short and sweet. There’s simply not enough time to add in extraneous details or expound on topics when you’re only got 60 seconds…and that’s not a bad thing. People love being spoon-fed content in the form of an explainer video or animated marketing video and 60 seconds is an excellent length to give them a taste of what your product, service or business is all about…without gagging them with too many details.  Kissmetrics partnered with Wistia to uncover some interesting insights about length and basically concluded that the real drop off for video attention span occurs after the 60 second mark:


60 second explainer video engagement chart


When comparing 60 second explainer videos with 30 second explainer videos, you obviously have twice the length to get your message across. This means that, with a well-written script like ours here at Gisteo :), you’ll have more time to touch upon the pain points that your target is experiencing while presenting a solid overview of the solution. But you still need to be concise and extremely focused as you’ll see in the next section!


As a rule of thumb, you have about 150 words to work with when writing a 60 second video script. While that may sound like plenty, it can go by quickly and the script can get away from you in a hurry.  Clients will often send us a script draft that’s a page or two of a Word document and tell us that they think it’s “around 60 seconds.”  Most often, that’s just not the case as their document will have 250 or 300 words….or more.  Sometimes, they’ll even claim to have read it out loud and timed it but this can be dicey too as people tend to read much too quickly when they do this and it’s important for these videos to have that steady, yet digestible pace that professional voice over talent use when narrating these projects.

Here’s 60 second script example just to give you an idea of what it looks like (you can view the final video in the samples below on this page):


The We Share App, by Pegasus Network, enables millions of users to access free and shared wifi hotpots in over 100 countries.

And now, we’re proud to announce the launch of our WeShare WiFi SDK to developers worldwide.

By integrating our SDK, users of developers’ apps will be able to access the millions of We Share hotspots around the world, allowing them to stay connected while saving data.

Our SDK recognizes users’ Wifi connection status and sends real-time reminders of free and open Wifi networks nearby.

It takes just 5 minutes to integrate with a light-weight size of 440 KB.

And our SDK is highly flexible, allowing developers to customize the interface UI, style of buttons, title, content and more…

So if you’re a developer looking to take your offering to the next level with increased user loyalty and retention rates, the WeShare WiFi SDK is the answer!


Here are three keys to keep in mind when creating a 60 second explainer video (or longer for that matter). Incorporating these keys will help set you us for success!


1. Be concise: here’s a dirty little explainer video industry secret: it’s actually easier to create a script for a longer, say 2 minute video, than for a shorter one like a 60 second video.  It’s like the famed French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal once said, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” The same is true when writing scripts for these videos. Revise, revise, revise. Eliminate the extraneous details and unnecessary elements from the video script. Trimming the fat from your messaging is hard work, but ultimately critical if you want to create something compelling and succinct.


2. Prioritize your messaging: even if you’ve got a talented animated explainer video company like Gisteo creating your video, viewers are bound to start to drop off as the video progresses. It’s just a fact that has more to do with attention spans and multi-tasking more than anything.  That’s why, especially when creating a 60 second explainer video, you need to really prioritize your messaging- in addition to simply being concise with your verbiage.  It’s a good idea to “front load” these videos and get the vital information out there early on. Quickly state the challenge your target is facing, jump into the solution and then wrap up with the end benefits of your offering.  If you fail to prioritize like this and take too long to reveal your solution in the first part of the video, you risk losing your viewer before they can properly understand your Unique Selling Proposition.


3. Address the WIIFM factor:  far too often, explainer videos digress into a laundry list of features and granular detail about a product, service, app or whatever. In a 60 second explainer video, there’s just no room for that. Try to limit the takeaways that you’re trying to communicate and focus on the “what’s in it for me?” factor (WIIFM) in your script. It’s great that XYZ software platform aggregates data with a hyper-fast, superior Big Data algorithm powered by IBM Watson technology (just made that up!) but don’t lose track on the fact that the end benefit of “impressing your CEO and getting a huge bonus” is probably a lot more interesting to most people out there so skip the WIIFM at your own risk!


Below is just a small sampling of the 60 second animated explainer videos that we’ve created here at Gisteo. Make sure you check out of Portfolio page for a more comprehensive review our work across different style, sectors, uses and lengths. If you’re interested in our explainer video production rates, we’ve got you covered there too. Just visit our Transparent Pricing page for our straightforward, all-included packages and fixed rates.


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